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API of Linkasa

Description of the API

How to use Linkasa without the form

We created an API ie an interface allowing distant web application to communicate with Linkasa in order to get a shorter url. Right now Linkasa doesn't allow the use of tag with it's API, you will get a generated id in the url.

The API is accessible from To obtain an adress ok Linkasa, you just have to call the API this way :

you just have to replace "" by the url you want to shrink. Linkasa will send you :

Easy to use isn't it? :)

Terms of use of the API

Current limitations

The use of the Linkasa API is subject to specifics limitations. At present, we limit the number of daily request at 100 per IP.

If you need more than 100 requests per day, feel free to tell us why by sending us a message with our contact form. We will answer you quickly.

These terms of use are subject to modification at any moment, keep yourself up to date on this page.


Incoming features

The Linkasa API will be improved in time, amongst them :

If you have suggestions on the API features, tell us with the contact form.