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Some News About Linkasa

New features

06/03/2008 - API, tags and more

We developed new features! First we added an API to obtain urls on Linkasa. It allows you to implement our service in a web application. It's the initial relase so it's quite limited right now. Take a closer look at it on the API page. It contains the API documentation as well as the terms of use.

Next, you will now get more informations on the preview page : title, description as well as the keywords of the target page. The amount of infromations available depend of the target site : a well formed HTML page will give more informations. Moreover you will see statistics about the use of the link. You can see this in action.

Finally we present you our tag cloud! It will allow you to discover which themes are the most popular amongst the websites in the Linkasa database. When you click on a tag, you will have a preview of the most popular sites for this tag. For exemple the blog tag.

As usual, feel free to give us feedback with the contact form. ;)

New! Linkasa in your browser

05/23/2008 - Use the bookmarklet

Linkasa is now accessible directly from your browse thanks to a bookmarklet!

Drag and drop the following link in your bookmark bar (above the adress bar) :


Next, when you want to create a short link from a page, you just have to clic on the bookmarklet. You will be redirected on the creation form with the adress field filled.

Launch of Linkasa!

05/21/2008 - Server scaling up

Testing phase is now over. Spent a few days debugging and optimizing database requests. Linkasa is officially ready for the launch!

We added a Google Analytics script to follow visitors traffic and tweak the server accordingly. Moreover, we put Google Adsense ads. They are at the bottom of the page and probably won't cause trouble pour navigating the site. Hope this will give some dollars to pay for the server... By the way, we have a donation page. ;)

If you want to make comments or suggest a functionality, feel free to leave us a message.

Linkasa in English

05/20/2008 - Translation of the French version

We have two languages available for Linkasa - French and English. However both sites use the same database, so and correspond to the same link. You may use any version of the site.

If you see any typo or translate errors, please send us a mail with the contact form, we will correct it ASAP. ;)

At the beginning

05/19/2008 - Why Linkasa?

Recently, we had the need to use a url shrinker. After studying several sites, we concluded that none corresponds to our needs : security (preview page), effectiveness (fast algorithm), customization (tags into links).

So we decided to create our own redirection service. Development is light enough, allowing us to test the agile software development we elaborated several months ago.