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Features of Linkasa

Shorter links

Reduce the length of your url

Create more readable links, easier to remember, ready to be paste in forums, in chats or in your mails. Giving internet links become much more simple.

Linkasa uses a base 62 compression algorithm. This makes 3844 possibilities for 2 letters. With 3 letters, there is 238328 different combinations! The demonstration page will show you an clean example.

Safer links

Avoid bad surprises

When you click on a link like, you won't be directly redirected to the corresponding url. You will see a temporary page which allows you to have a glance at the associated site and avoid bad surprises (ads, inappropriate content, etc.)

Obviously you can modify your settings to be always redirected.

By adding /preview at the end of a link, you access to the preview page, whatever settings you have set. Thus, will redirect you to

Readable links

Putting meaning in your url

By adding a tag, you can define the look of the generated links. Much better for transmitting a link. Easier to type, easier to remember!

For instance, if you want to transmit the internet address of your personal page to a friend, create the link It will be easier to remember than

Accessible service

Linkasa directly in your browser

Drag and drop the following link in your bookmark bar (above the adress bar) :

Linkasa !

Next, when you want to create a short link from a page, you just have to clic on the bookmarklet. You will be redirected on the creation form with the adress field filled.

Linkasa with an API

Linkasa has an API for shortening links. Perfect for web services which want to use our service, a complete description as well as a documentation are available on the API page.

Future developments

We are working on the next version

This site is under perpetual evolution. We work regularly in order to offer you a nice and complete service. New functionalities will be integrated soon, amongst them :

If you have an accurate need, an idea, a remark, feel free to use our contact form in order to tell us your suggestions.